Forty Years of ‘Freedom’


Forty years of ‘Freedom’


Forty Years ago the original ‘Freedom’ was completed.
The 8 foot black walnut sculpture, after being unveiled in Kerrville, TX, was the center piece of one man shows starting in Aspen ending in Houston where it was placed in the collection of W.E.
Bosarge in 1981.


Freedom, Walnut, W.E. Bosarge Collection, Houston TX



This splendid design was reproduced in 3 bronze series ranging in size
from 8 foot to 21 inches. Freedom has been placed in many collections
around the world, including a five foot bronze in
the DeBoer collection, which for a time was placed on their motor yacht, A
Time for Us, and accompanied them on high sea adventures.
A third generation of the 21 inch ‘Freedom’ series and a 10′ bronze edition are in the developmental stages.


Freedom’s dream a slow sweet song
Flows o’er mountain meadows
Bubbles out of perfumed springs
Prismic flashes in aspen shadows

Forever gliding boundlessly
Inherently there to find
It dwells within all matter and space
Innate to a laughing, smiling mind

Lifting each other in rhythmic surges
Thoughts and action gently
Surely, powerfully emanate
Loves boundless ecstasy

As one their dancing steps evolve
Till flowing into each other
They soar toward the lofty spaces
That only exist for lovers

Vacuum draught of Eagle’s surge
Wings their dreamy flight
Past the world of mortal sun
To Eagle’s home of primal light.

                                                 RBG 1978